Ask a professional to name the number one brand of squeegee and you'll get the same answer today as you would have 60 years ago - Ettore, hands down. In a world where everyone talks quality but few deliver, Ettore offers nothing less than unfailingly superior quality to professionals in every part of the industry.

See for yourself why Ettore is the number one choice of window cleaning professionals, and guaranteed to be streak free!

Watch the video below for in depth information about Ettore's complete line of
Window Squeegees, Squeegee Accessories, and Strip Washers


Watch the video above to learn more about Ettore's Window Squeegees.
Ettore's professional squeegees are superior quality products for all of your window cleaning needs. The complete line of commercial squeegees from all sizes and all purposes will increase cleaning ability and reduce labor time. The all-purpose line includes brass & stainless steel handles and master clipped with quick release channels for superior use. Ettore is the professional choice.

Ettore Master Brass Squeegee  14 inch
Master Brass Squeegee 14"
ETT 1017EA
Ettore Pro Grip Squeegee 12 inch
Pro+ Squeegee 12"
ETT 2012EA
Ettore Window Wand
Window Wand
ETT 15060
Ettore Backflip, Stainless, 18 inch
Backflip, Stainless, 18"
ETT 71181EA

Squeegee Accessories

Watch the video above to learn more about Ettore's Window Squeegee Accessories.
Ettore offers a complete line of accessories from dusters, microfiber cloths, screen cleaner, window soap and holsters/belts. The line includes combination all-purpose squeegee and brush tools. Additionally, tools for every angle of cleaning from adaptors, swivel and extension poles. Ettore has all that you need to clean windows, walls, ceilings and floors.

Ettore Starter Window Cleaning Kit
Starter Window Cleaning Kit
ETT 2004
Ettore Clean Screens Wipes
Clean Screens Wipes
ETT 30155EA
Ettore Sidekick Holster
Sidekick Holster
ETT 2041EA
Ettore Reach Pole, 3 Sec 18 ft
Reach Pole, 3 Sec 18'
ETT 1684EA

Strip Washers

Watch the video above to learn more about Ettore's Strip Washers.
Ettore introduces systems in cleaning and maintenance. The tools will effectively clean high priority areas and the most difficult tasks. From the floor to the your highest area, Ettore can perform and has a system that will make your maintenance task efficient and cost saving.

Pro Grip T-bar with Glove 14"
ETT 1051EA
Ettore Golden Glove Washer Complete 18 inch
Golden Glove Washer Complete 18"
ETT 1816EA
Ettore Pro+ Microfiber Replacement Washer Cover 14 inch
Pro+ Microfiber Replacement
Washer Cover 14"

ETT 40014EA
Ettore Golden Glove Replacement Washer Cover 18 inch
Golden Glove Replacement
Washer Cover 18"

ETT 51014EA

Ettore has a commercial line of professional scrapers and handles to take on the most difficult task. All the products are designed for safety for the user. If your needs are above the floor, floor surfaces, walls or windows Ettore has the products to fit your needs.
Ettore Floor Scraper
Floor Scraper
ETT 2007EA
Ettore Pocket Scraper
Pocket Scraper
ETT 4286EA
Ettore Pro+ Scraper
Pro+ Scraper
ETT 1044EA
Ettore Pocket Scraper
Pocket Scraper
Replacement Blades

ETT 4515