Building simple, intuitive tools to understand how our hearts are functioning, Eko combines the electronic stethoscope and EKG with powerful software. Eko is building the future of cardiovascular care through a platform of non-invasive devices and revolutionary algorithms. Join the next generation of diagnostics.
Learn more from your existing stethoscope. CORE delivers loud, clear sound and software support when you need it. Toggle it off to return to the acoustic sound you already know.
  • Acoustic/Digital stethoscopes
  • Works with most stethoscopes
  • 40x sound amplification
  • Wireless Bluetooth LE
  • HIPAA compliant software
  • 9-hour battery life
CORE Digital Stethoscope Bundle
CORE Digital Stethoscope Bundle
Stethoscope + Digital Device

CORE Digital Stethoscope Attachment
CORE Digital Stethoscope Attachment
Attaches to your existing analog stethoscope*

*Not compatible with sprague stethoscopes
or other digital stethoscopes.

Tutorial Videos

Connecting the Eko Core

Eko App Overview